Female refugees prepare for a new life far from home

By: Haley Argeros 7/26/17

(Athens, Greece)–Refugee camps all over Greece are implementing programs geared towards women while they await their fates in Europe. The women, from across several Middle Eastern nations know that the language and cultural practices of their new homes will be far different from what they know.  Women’s programs for refugees across Greece are trying to address those concerns. The story of those efforts can be seen in the faces of those involved.

As we begin the slidehow below we see Safa Abdulsamat, a 33-year-old Syrian refugee in Greece’s Ritsona refugee camp sits on the floor of her family’s ISOBOX – a temporary caravan-type home for refugees. Absulsamat continues her customs, cooking a chicken dinner with rice for her husband and children. She encourages her 16 year old daughter and 7 year old son to learn English to help them maneuver their way through the asylum process.

Syrian refugees stationed at the Ritsona refugee camp on Greece’s mainland spend much of their days taking care of the children.

But the Lighthouse Relief NGO at the Ritsona camp has volunteers from around the world creating programs for refugee women and children to relieve the monotony of daily life, and also prepare them for their future in a new country.

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Women at the refugee camp of Kara Tepe and at the Melissa Women’s center want to see how their own language will translate into English, German, Swedish or French. They typically want to learn English first. It appears to be an essential language to navigate the asylum process because English appears to be the common language among Non-Governmental Organizations at the camp. It also seems to be the common second language used in most countries where they hope to relocate.

And at Melissa Women’s center located in Athens, Greece there are multiple programs helpingmigrant women to better themselves and build a sense of community. Melissa features many helpful classes each day.
Melissa works very hard to provide the women with loving meals, useful education and a sense of humanity and comfort.

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