A soccer ball as treatment for refugee mental health

Jessa Vivio, 7/25/17

(Ritsona Refugee Camp, Greece) —

Cafe Rits football is one of the few glimmers of hope at a “normal” sense of everyday life for the refugees.

Organized football (soccer) at Greece’s refugee camps is now being offered as a means of escape from boredom and depression for residents who wait months or years for word on a future home.

At the Ritsona refugee camp on Greece’s mainland, the ‘Cafe Rits’ football team sponsored by the Cafe Rits NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) has turned semi-pro, with the refugee team sparing against other Greek teams.  Those watching the effort say it has not only created a sense of community in the camp, but given the young players a sense of purpose.


Their story is told in this slideshow:




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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